Production Chemicals

The Right Solution

PetroTech Solutions provides custom developed programs to improve profits for oil & gas producers by increasing production or lowering lifting costs.  Decades of product development and application experience provides a complete line of high-performance production chemical products.  New technologies are constantly evaluated to insure that we maintain our position as a leading-edge technology provider.  

Experience Counts

PetroTech Account Managers and Application Technicians are trained and experienced in proper selection and application of products for customers’ specific needs.  We strive to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with our customers based on trust.  That trust is earned by continuously meeting and exceeding customer needs.  PetroTech Solutions personnel work closely with clients to identify improvement opportunities, our team of Chemical and Technical Specialists then develop a program strategy to affect a positive change in process improvement.

Production Chemicals and Services

Maintaining merchantable quality crude oil, flow assurance, and operations costs associated with handling produced water provide challenges to oil and gas producers.   Gas well production-enhancement is provided by our proprietary Foamer products.  PetroTech Foamer Additives aid in de-watering the well and thereby reduce back-pressure caused by fluid loading or hydro-static head to maximize gas production.  Maximum production can also be realized by controlling deposits, such as scale or paraffin, which restrict the carrying capacity of the tubing or flow-lines or exhibited as plugging solids in a salt water disposal system.  Corrosion inhibitor programs protect operators’ equipment asset, minimize replacement cost, and prevent lost production down-time and environmental remediation costs.

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