Coiled Tubing Chemical Application

COILED TUBING OPERATIONS - Coiled Tubing typically follows the Frac operations to remove the frac plugs, sand, and debris from the well. Chemical additives are used to improve the operations efficiency by lowering horsepower and reducing stress of equipment. Viscous sweep mixtures remove cuttings and other solids from the well. Lubricants are added to reduce pull and drag resistance.

COILED TUBING CHEMICALS - Recognizing a need for improved performance and cost savings, PetroTech Solutions first developed a complete line of high-performance products for coiled tubing operations. Next, we developed a more efficient, effective, safer, and accountable application method.

CHEMICAL INJECTION UNIT OPERATIONS - A designed for purpose, fully integrated system, which efficiently and effectively provides treated fluids to a Coiled Tubing operation, such as the Frac-plug drill out procedure. The Chemical Application Unit is a trailerable skid package. PetroTech employees deliver and set up equipment.  Chemicals are stored in DOT approved bulk containers and directly connected to chemical injection metering pumps.

PRECISE CHEMICAL METERING & MANAGEMENT- Immediate response to required dosing changes means that you are never in an over-treat or under-treated situation, which maintains efficiency and lowers cost. Operators oversee the injection of various specific chemicals as required by operations. Chemical usage and fluid properties are measured and recorded in electronic format, to provide a Daily Job Report and Job Completion Report.

In-line mixing Immediate response to changing fluid needs
Precise metering Optimizes chemical usage to lower cost
Immediate response Eliminates over-treatment or under-treatment
Insures volume to CT unit Continuous flow compared to batches
Fluid testing Maintain quality
Data recording Daily and post job reports
Less chemical handling Improves safety and lowers risk





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