PetroTech Solutions manufactures high-quality drilling and completion fluid specialty additives for specialized well-site applications.

·       Friction Reducers

·       Pipe-on-pipe lubricant

·       Gelling agents

·       Biocide

·       Drilling Corrosion Inhibitor

·       Atmospheric Corrosion Inhibitor

·       Packer Fluid Corrosion Inhibitor

·       Oxygen Scavenger

·       Well-Bore Cleaner

·       Clay Stabilizer / KCL Substitute

PetroTech Solutions offers a suite of Ultra SealTM products manufactured by Professional Fluid Services. These specialized products enable operators to respond effectively to engineering challenges.  We understand the complexity associated with lost circulation, differential sticking, coring fluids, cementing applications, plug and abandonment, water shutoff treatments, and other key technical issues.

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